ALSB Partners with RRBM

The ALSB Executive Committee has voted to join as an institutional partner the Responsible Research in Business and Management group. [ cf. website at] As its webpage notes:

“Responsible Research for Business and Management (RRBM) is dedicated to inspiring, encouraging, and supporting credible and useful research in the business and management disciplines.

It is a virtual organization initially developed by a group of 24 leading scholars in 5 disciplines at 23 university-based business schools in 10 countries and now joined by a much larger community. We have support from many partners, including AACSBEFMDPRMEAspen Institute‘s Business and Society Program, GRLI, and many business schools worldwide.”

RRBM’s seven principles are as follows and dovetail nicely with the ALSB’s mission and values statement:


  1. Service to Society
  2. Valuing Both Basic and Applied Contributions
  3. Valuing Plurality and Multidisciplinary Collaboration
  4. Sound Methodology
  5. Stakeholder Involvement
  6. Impact on Stakeholders
  7. Broad Dissemination

Master Teacher Winner Announced

AND THE WINNER IS…..Mark S. Shapiro, Miami Herbert Business School, The Business of Jury Trials: Calculated Risk or Trip to Vegas?

Dear Colleagues:

Please join me in congratulating the four finalists selected for the 2023 Charles M. Hewitt Master Teacher Competition:

Kylie S. Aikey, Bucknell University, Freeman College of Management, Escape the Professor’s Office – Escape Room

Cheryl L. Black, Belmont University, Jack C. Massey School of Business (eff. June 1, 2023), Hear Me Out: A Lesson in Civil Discourse

Sean Shannon, State University of New York at Oneonta, School of Liberal Arts and Business, Living in the Zone: Using Richard Rothstein’s The Color of Law and Residential Zoning Maps to Teach Business Law and the Legal Framework of Residential Segregation

Mark S. Shapiro, Miami Herbert Business School, The Business of Jury Trials: Calculated Risk or Trip to Vegas?

We once again had many high-quality entries in the Master Teacher Competition.  Many thanks to all who submitted for their participation, as well as to the judges who generously devoted significant time and effort to carefully evaluating each of the submissions. Although the judges remain anonymous, their service to the Academy in this important task is to be commended.

The four finalists will each make a 35-minute presentation at our annual ALSB Conference in San Diego on Friday, July 28, from 8:15 am-10:45 am. This event is one of our conference highlights every year. I encourage you to attend, not only to learn from our accomplished presenters but also to play your role in selecting our 2023 Charles M. Hewitt Master Teacher.  

Best wishes,

Lynda Oswald

2022 Charles M. Hewitt Master Teacher

University of Michigan Ross School of Business

Call for Articles for AACSB’s “Insights”

Did you know that the ALSB is an instiututonal member as an association of AACSB. Our liasion is Janine Hiller and she sits on the ALSB Executive Committee. Here is thee latest from the AACSB. We encourage you to visit the AACSB website at


Dear AACSB Community,

We’re currently welcoming article submissions for our AACSB Insights thought leadership platform. We continue to receive many excellent contributions from the member community and want to share our calendar of editorial themes for upcoming months, which is regularly updated online at

In particular, we’d love to receive submissions for July through October that convey your perspectives, highlight your school’s experiences or initiatives, or share best practices, with relevance to the broader business education and business communities. We also encourage collaborative contributions and welcome voices from your business communities:

  • July | Career Pathways: Jobs of the Future. From disruptive technologies like AI to calls for greater societal impact to a hastened shift into cyberspace, business is experiencing unprecedented change. How are these realities manifesting in the job market, and what competencies will learners need to thrive in it? (Submissions due by June 1.) 
  • August | Societal Impact: Entrepreneurial Mindset. How can business schools create innovation ecosystems that help existing and aspiring business leaders realize their business dreams, while positively impacting society? (Submissions due by July 3.)
  • September | Learning and Development: Timely Curriculum and Credentials. As the shelf life of certain skills continues to shorten, how can business schools anticipate evolving business needs and expeditiously release learning solutions-for future and current leaders-that are of verifiable quality? (Submissions due by August 1.)
  • October | Accreditation: Knowledge (Co)Creation. How are business schools redefining research priorities that attract, empower, and reward faculty whose scholarship addresses society’s pressing challenges and results in actionable insights that advance industries? (Submissions due by September 1.)

Please see our full submission guidelines and do not hesitate to reach out to us with questions at Also feel free to reply to me directly. We look forward to hearing from you!