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Within the Academy are nine specific interests sections. These sections sponsor symposia, panels, workshops, and papers at the annual ALSB Conference each August. They also provide teaching and research support in their specialized areas. Membership in the sections is only available to ALSB members and is $10 per year in addition to the annual membership dues. Membership in more than one section is also encouraged. You may join a section listserv by logging into the members’-only page=>here. The nine sections and the contact persons are:

Black Faculty Section

2023-24 Officers:
Chair:  Aquesha Daniels, Western Kentucky University
Vice Chair:  Anthony McMullen, University of Central Arkansas
Secretary: Destynie Sewell, University of Nebraska, Omaha

The mission of this Section is to promote, sponsor, and engage in conversation in the ALSB regarding the needs of faculty of color and the role that our home institutions and the ALSB can have in promoting those needs.

The Section will advise and collaborate with the ALSB’s efforts to advance the interests and inclusion of faculty of color as scholars and teachers of law and ethics in business schools. These conservations are inextricably linked to the equity, inclusion, access, and belonging of all ALSB faculty – Black, Hispanic/Latinx, International, LGBTQ+, Indigenous, Asian, White, and other groups. To advance these objectives, the Section will sponsor and conduct panels, symposia, workshops, presentations, and networking events with a focus on historically underrepresented groups in the ALSB while recognizing intersectionality and acknowledging the achieving equity, inclusion, access, and belonging for some ALSB members advances the same for all ALSB members. Accordingly, the Section welcomes all ALSB members to be “in the room.”

Employment Law

2023-24 Officers:
President: Jennifer Cordon Thor, Oakland University
Vice President: Keri Kozlowski, University of Central Florida
Secretary: Hannah Weiser, Bentley University


2023-24 Officers:

Environmental Law and Sustainability

2023-24 Officers:

Interdisciplinary Section

2023-24 Officers:

2023 Interdisciplinary Fall Newsletter

2024 Interdisciplinary Spring Newsletter

Interdisciplinary Section Flyer

The mission of the Interdisciplinary Section is to cultivate a dynamic and inclusive forum across various legal disciplines; to foster collaboration and innovation at the intersection of these disciplines; to incorporate a holistic approach to understanding our legal systems; to embrace the symbiotic relationship between law, management, and strategy; and to enhance the effectiveness of analysis and decision-making in the study, research, practice, and teaching of law.

The Interdisciplinary Section of the Academy of Legal Studies in Business strives to involve its members in the collaboration and integration of expertise from multiple fields beyond independently substantive areas of practice and academia. We strive to integrate knowledge and methods from various fields beyond traditional legal disciplines to address complex legal issues and problem-solving, be it in study, research, practice, or the classroom. In this section, our aims are to facilitate an inclusive, collaborative, and holistic approach by incorporating insights from various disciplines and cultivating a deeper understanding of the social, cultural, economic, and political attributes of our legal systems and their relationship with management and strategy to achieve business objectives that nurture resilience, agility, ethical and effective governance, sustainable growth and allocation of resources, and mitigation of risks. We encourage creativity and innovation in legal studies, research, practice, presentation, and pedagogy; enhancement of the effectiveness of analysis and decision-making in business and our professions; and thinking outside traditional legal frameworks toward ground-breaking areas of research.


2023-24 Officers:

2022 International Newsletter

Law for Accountants

2023-24 Officers:

Sports and Entertainment Law

2023-24 Officers:

Teaching and Pedagogy

2023-24 Officers:
Chair: Eric Sader, Indiana University
Vice-Chair: Michael Fricke, University of Arizona
Program Chair: Jason Epstein, University of Georgia
Research Director: Chelsea Green, Miami University

2023 Master Teacher Competition Committee:
Tara Fitzgerald, Oklahoma State University
Deborah Golemon, University of Louisiana Monroe
Anthony McMullen, University of Central Arkansas
Amy Parrish, Creighton University
Matt Roessing, University of Georgia


Co-Chairs for 2023-24:
Jennifer Merton, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Lindsay Sain Jones, University of Georgia

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